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I just want to say a big thank you Winston for your support and your wonderful advice during each lesson. Whilst we are driving around it is clear to see that you are a local legend, everyone around the Lewisham area knows you. Your vast knowledge of your job makes it easy to understand you.


Rumel Pinnock

The Chef serves up a treat for the driving test examiner. Today, Chef Rumel Pinnock produced a mouth-watering drive to succeed in passing his driving test. It was spicy and hot with only 4 driver faults. Well done Rumel from Success School Of Motoring, drive safely always.

Daniel West

Welcome to post GDPR. Mr Daniel West was successful in passing his practical driving test today. It has been a very long road to success for Danny with all that writing for popular Tv soaps, no wonder its taken this long. Let us hope the TV ratings go up from now on. Well done Danny. Success School Of Motoring will miss the laughter, the anger, and the one-liners. Drive safely always.

Nikola Trajkov

Well done Mr Nikola Trajkov for working hard to get rid of those bad habits and to successfully pass your practical driving test in England with only one driver fault. Drive safely always and check those BLIND SPOTS . 

Seamus Conlon

At last, at last. Mr Seamus Conlon finally smashed the driving test. He drove like he plays the piano brilliantly. With only one driver fault (due to ski jumping over a hump) the examiner said it was a great drive. Success School Of Motoring is going to miss this character of a young man. There were plenty words said in our lessons, especially about music and oh yes driving, Well done Seamus. Drive safely always.

Rebecca Smith

Hip hip hooray. Rebecca Smith was successful in her first attempt tackling her practical driving test. Nervous as one can be, she pulled it together when she turned the engine on. Rebecca never gave up the fight to get her Full drivers licence and drive the car of her desire "THE KA". Well done Rebecca. Success School Of Motoring will miss your kind personality to all road users.smiley Keep safe , I know you will and have a good life with my ex Pupil Taylor. 

Eugene Neil

First mum, now the son. Today Eugene Neil was successful on his first attempt at tackling his practical driving test and also being Success School Of Motoring's first pupil to pass the new driving test format. Eugene showed great skill and composure on his test, accumulating with only 3 driver faults. A great pupil, very consistent with his driving lesson appointments, which made him develop his confidence onwards and upwards. Well done Eugene; remember to drive safely always. 

Marni Straughan

Great news Marni Straughan was successful in passing her practical driving test today , with only 3 driver faults . What a character , especially in the mornings when she had a Marni moment when driving (That's what we called it ) . She was already shopping for her , not yet bought , car accessories , that's confidence for you . Success School Of Motoring would like to take this moment in thanking Marni for very interesting lessons as regards to Mini Cab drivers and Motorcyclist , you will not be forgotten . Drive safely always Marni and don't let the "Furry Dice " get in the way .

Winston Mason Celebrates 20 years Driving Instruction.

This week Winston Mason of Success School Of Motoring celebrates 20 years has a Driving Instructor. Winston discusses the 20 years, his time as a instructor. "It has been an interesting journey teaching my customers from different backgrounds. 90% of my time teaching, have been full of joy as well as tears plus the dangerous encounters, whether one passed or failed. I would be very humble if the majority of my customers that I have instructed over the 20 years, continued to drive in a manner that they were taught, good manners go a long way. Thank you all for your custom over the 20 years".

Winston Mason ADI.





Changes to the Theory Test January 2012

Highway CodeFrom 23 January the driving theory test will no longer use pre-published questions in a move to stop candidates from learning answers by heart.

Until now all the questions used in the driving theory test have been published. These changes will mean that learner drivers and riders gain a better understanding of driving theory because they can no longer rely on simply learning which options are correct for individual questions.

The familiar Theory Test books and software still offer revision questions for candidates to test themselves and assess their progress. They now also have exercises so learners can practise applying their knowledge on each topic to case studies. There are also new sections of revision support for motorcyclists and a free e-book for car drivers.