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I started with Winston around December and had to have a break after a motorcycle crash. But once i was back in March, Winston has been enormously patient with me, with my motorcycle mind, he took the time to teach me to drive in a safe manor!

Jodie Webb

Well it all started just over a year ago . I received a text message informing me that this person will pay for the first lesson for my new customer next morning . The person also ask me to sing happy birthday to the new customer , I hadn't meet the new customer as yet . The customer was Jodie Webb who successfully passed her practical driving test on her first attempt . The "Yorkshire Terrier" (Hudderfield fan ) drove with complete control of the car while showing competence .
Success School Of Motoring will miss the laughter , jokes and Zebra Crossings regarding Jodie . Great character . Good luck Jodie , I know you will drive safely in one of those retired Black Cabs .